Monday, October 29, 2007

Secret Societies- History's Mysteries

This fine History channel documentary exposes many secret societies of past and present.

They are the subjects of controversy and curiosity. Their members include some of the world's most powerful individuals, including political leaders and the super-rich. Their goals are unknown.

HISTORY'S MYSTERIESTM delves into the tightly guarded world of SECRET SOCIETIES in an attempt to lift the veil of mystery surrounding groups like the Skull & Bones, the Bilderbergs and the Tri-Lateral Commission. We'll hear from some conspiracy theorists who believe that they are conspiring to take over the world, and others who contend that they already have! Historians help document what is known about the groups' origins and aims, and we'll see intriguing evidence that suggests that some fears about these organizations may be justified!

SECRET SOCIETIES: HISTORY'S DARK SIDE journey's through the past and present in search of clues for what is really going on behind the closed doors of the groups whose names--but not aims--are known.

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good watch, thanks